Grieving in Self-Quarantine After a Missouri Shooting

Grieving in Self-Quarantine After a Missouri Shooting

His sister has called on local officials to make an exception to the cap on gatherings. The family wants to plan a celebration of his life, where family and friends will wear T-shirts from his favorite animated comedy, “Rick and Morty.”

Ms. Farmer, 23, also said she and his family needed closure and couldn’t wait months for a funeral. “Everybody wants to love on each other and be here for each other right now,” she said. But officials told the family that the soonest the funeral could be held was in May, she said.

Chief Paul F. Williams of the Springfield Police Department said the burial ceremony of Officer Walsh, one of the victims, would take place on Saturday, but would be closed to the public because of coronavirus concerns.

Mass shootings have often brought communities together to process grief and shock. At a public vigil for victims of the shooting last summer in Dayton, Ohio, the crowd drowned out Gov. Mike DeWine with shouts of “Do something!” Two days later, he announced proposals that he said could reduce shootings and limit gun access for people with mental health problems.

In the wake of the shooting in El Paso that happened hours before the Dayton shooting, hundreds of strangers showed up at the visitation and prayer service for one of the victims, Margie Reckard, in a show of solidarity.

Robert A. Neimeyer, director of the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, said community support was crucial for those who have lost loved ones in a violent attack. Instead of retreating, mourners should pick a collective time to light a candle or pray for victims from their homes.

“That sense of being part of something larger is especially important in a violent death,” he said.

If authorities do grant Ms. Hicks-Morris, 24, the right to organize a funeral of more than 10 people, she isn’t sure how she will find the $4,000 she needs to pay for it.

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