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License to carry classes see an increase after West Texas mass shooting

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) – According to the latest numbers by TxDPS there are 14,000 people living in both Midland and Odessa who have licenses to carry firearms.

Gun safety classes see an increase after West Texas mass shooting.

Even in the wake of recent mass shootings in Texas local classes for these licenses have seen an increase.

Stephanie Hart is married to a police officer in the Permian Basin and said her heart dropped when she first found out about the shooter.

“I want to know the proper way to carry and know that I can protect and help people in a situation like what just happened,” said Hart.

Her and the rest of the family were in Lubbock, Tx. when they first got the call and immediately sped back to Midland.

“Well I happen to know a hand full of people who own guns and they aren’t walking around shooting people so it definitely isn’t a gun problem, it is a people problem,” said Hart.

After waiting hours and not knowing if her husband was okay, Hart knew she needed to take the next step and get herself licensed to carry.

“It’s just important to know the safety of them and how to use them and why to use them,” said Hart.

Owner and Founder of “Family Armory and Indoor Range,’ Tony Grijalv said there are thousands of people licensed here in West Texas and he said one irresponsible gun owner shouldn’t impact everyone else who is responsible.

“The license to carry does not give us the right or the ability to be the bully. We do it as a defensive point of view,” said Grijalv.

Grijalv said people who are licensed to carry need to continue to keep their shooting skills sharp by visiting their local range for practice on a regular basis.

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